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Best practice checkout guide Denmark

Follow these steps to improve the presentation of our delivery options in your checkout.

If you need help implementing any of these steps, go visit our Checkout tool or contact our Checkout implementation team.

Other countries

1. Postal code and street address

By letting your customers fill in both postal code and street address, they will be presented with the relevant delivery options and pickup points.

Pickup Point API
Delivery address input fields

2. Service name and description text

Use the standard service name and description text to make sure your customers understand what the delivery options imply.

Shipping Guide API
Choose service by service name

3. Pickup points

By offering 7-10 alternatives, your customers will be able to choose the most convenient pickup point. According to Bring Research, customers are more likely to complete the purchase if presented with pickup points located nearby. Therefore, we recommend that you offer parcel lockers. Lockers might also be the preferred pickup point type. We also recommend showing a map to make it easier for your customers to locate the pickup points.

Pickup Point API
Choose pickup points

4. Estimated time of delivery

According to Bring Research, customers desire precise information about lead time related to different delivery options. And the more precise, the better it is.

For a better understanding on how to get the most accurate delivery estimates, we recommend reading this guide.

Shipping Guide API
Display estimated time of delivery

5. Logo

According to Bring Research, customers prefer checkout showing carrier logos to enable them to easily recognize their trusted carriers. For shipments going to consumers in Sweden, Denmark, or another country apart from Norway, use the Bring logo. For shipments going to consumers in Norway, use the Posten logo.

Shipping Guide API
Service with posten logo

6. Environmental data and icon

Show whether the parcel will be delivered by an electric vehicle or not in the checkout. This may help your customers make more sustainable choices.

Shipping Guide API
Service with environmental friendly logo