EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in Bring and Posten started in the 90’s. EDI Guidelines based on different versions of EDIFACT and API have been published since then, IFTMIN S93A, D97A and API. Today’s version is based on the D04A standards.

Bring and Posten still support some early versions, however they will not be updated with changes. We strongly suggest all our clients to use IFTMIN D04A (or API).

Transport Instruction for IFTMIN D04A

This document is our guideline for freight-messages based on EDIFACT / IFTMIN D04A. The overview and detailed guideline include all Bring services, value added services and surcharges with codes for setting up correct EDI-messages.

General Documentation

Bring Parcel AB Specific Documentation

Please download our EDIFACT-messages for use in supporting a more efficient information flow for your company. Messages is typically delivered to an SFTP- or FTP-account and may also be sent using SMTP.

Warehouse Management

Documents for an Warehousing customer to create an order in warehousing system that will go to the correct warehouse for picking, packing and sending. Customers can get several messages back for status on orders, inventory and warehousing receiving of goods. Inbound and outbound messages are based on GS1 xml Standard V3.1

Please ask our integration consultants if you have specific needs or for more detailed information.

Inbound - To Warehousing

Outbound - From Warehousing

Other Implementation Guides

Download Documentation

Status Messages (IFTSTA)

Status Messages are available for all our Transport Services, common examples being:

  • Picked Up or Received
  • Arrived at a Terminal
  • Loaded onto a Distribution Vehicle
  • Delivered or Attempted Delivery/Item Returned (Action Codes+Reason for Action)

A full list of Status- ,Action- and Reason Codes are available on request. Please ask our integration consultants if you have specific needs for more detailed Status Information.

Download Documentation

Transport Label Specifications

Download Documentation

Suppliers of EDI-solutions/TA System Vendors

An “out-of-the-box” EDI-application from a TA-vendor will support the ordering of our domestic and international Parcel-services with related value-added services. Each of the vendors below will be able to provide a detailed list of the services available in their clients.