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Integrate your systems with Bring

Developing an e-commerce site? Or dealing with logistics software in the Nordic countries? Find out how to integrate with Bring’s API platform.

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Look up available services, delivery times, prices and environmental data. Verify addresses and let users pick the closest pickup point. And use our recommended service descriptions in your checkout.


Create shipments and generate shipment number, tracking link, EDI-prenotification, label and other transport documents. Modify certain shipments that are on their way, and order pickup.


Look up tracking events of your shipments, or subscribe to them, and make them proactively available to your customers through webhooks.


E-commerce customers in Norway and Sweden, for whom we handle storage and logistics, can submit and retrieve order and article information in Bring’s warehouses.

Reports and invoices

Generate status, quality and deviation, economy and environment reports to analyse your logistics with Bring. List and retrieve invoices in PDF format.

Order Management

For integrated customers, their suppliers and Bring to exchange order level information across the life cycle of customers' orders.

EDI documentation

Guidelines and specifications for vendors of TA/EDI solutions and customers with first-party EDI solutions, including transport instructions for integrations based on EDIFACT (IFTMIN D04A) standards.

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API updates

: Booking API - Changes in Pickup Order API format

On January 10, 2024, we are changing the API request format for pickupDetails in the Pickup Order request. The new Pickup Order request format uses the package, pallet and postContainer field to give information on packages, pallets and postContainers. Each of these has a count field, weightInGrams field and volumeInDm3 field. See Order a pickup for request examples in json/xml.

This enables weight and volume to be given on each goods item level, instead of as a total.

: Reports API - Delaying date of removal of REST endpoint

The removal of the following API endpoints:

  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}
  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}.json
  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}.xml

will be delayed to 1. September 2023.

the replacement API is documented here

: Reports API - Removal of REST endpoint

The following API endpoints will be removed from the Reports application after June 2023:

  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}
  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}.json
  • /reports/api/invoices/{customerOrGroupId}.xml

the replacement API is documented here