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Receive order/article update

Order information/update from Bring.
Bring Warehousing can send order information to you or you can pull the data from us.
How often you want order lifestyle updates is up to you.
Bring Warehousing can also send you Inventory reports (full overview over all articles) and Inventory adjustment reports (update per article after an adjustment is made).


In order for us to make API requests to you, you will need to send us an API key from your web service site. Steps for getting a key and description of headers should be similar to ours and can be found on the general API Getting Started page.


REST XML/JSON over HTTPS. This is common for most REST APIs.

Order Information

In order to obtain information about an order/get the receipt for an order, you have two options:

You should use a REST web service which needs to be secured through https.

After you have set up your web service, you must send the information about the URL and its authentication to us, so that we can set up a link from our side.

The data sent from Bring will be in GS1 3.3 format. General information about GS1 3.3 can be found here:


Bring supports https with basic username and password authentication.

Message header authorization options:

  • Authorization: Basic bWFnZ2llOnN1bW1lcnM = ????
  • or
  • API key: X-API-KEY: abcdef12345


Your webservice must verify and return a response to us that the message was received ok.

Your response will have to follow the format below. It's important that the following is set in the response:

  • Message must be equal to success
  • Request ID has to be a unique ID for each message.

Response Example

XML SampleJSON Sample

Response Schema

XML Schema

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