Postal Code API

Integration with shipping guide for postal code lookup is deprecated (Base url: We recommend switching to pickup point if you have not already done so (Base url:


With the Postal Code API you can

  • validate a postal code
  • look up the city of a postal code
  • get the postal code type, e.g. normal or P.O. Box (for Norway)

The API has two interfaces: XML and JSON.

It is NOT possible to get data in batch or get list of valid postal codes for a given country at a regular interval.


To make API requests, you will need an API key from Mybring. Steps for getting a key and description of headers can be found on the general API Getting Started / Authentication page.

Supported Countries

The following countries are supported:

  • NO - Norway
  • DK - Denmark
  • SE - Sweden
  • FI - Finland
  • NL - Netherlands
  • DE - Germany
  • US - United States
  • BE - Belgium
  • FO - Faroe Islands
  • GL - Greenland

The service uses GeoNames as source for most countries except Norway.

For unsupported countries (countries not in the list above), all postal codes will be marked as valid with no city name returned. In these cases it is recommended to prompt the user to input the city name themselves.

For countries that have multiple results (cities) for a given postal code, a list of cities will be returned. See example below.

Postal Code type for Norway

For Norway, you also get information about the postal code type. This is set in the postalCodeType in the response:

postalCodeType Description
NORMAL Normal postal code suitable for delivering packages. Contains street addresses or mix of street and other postal code types.
POBOX Postal code contains only P.O. Box addresses. Only certain Bring services can be delivered to these addresses (see the Shipping Guide).
SPECIALCUSTOMER Special, e.g special return postal codes for selected customers.
SPECIALNOSTREET Special, e.g special postal codes for customers with old “serviceboks”.
UNKNOWN Unknown postal code type. Used for e.g. international postal codes.

Support CORS

CORS headers will be added to response only for authenticated requests.

Overview of endpoints

Base URL
Method Endpoint Usage
GET /postalCode/{countryCode}/getCityAndType/{postalCode}{mediaTypeExtension} Lookup Postal Code

Lookup Postal Code



Request parameters

URI param Type Description
countryCode string Required Country.
Default value: NO
Example: SE
postalCode string Required Postal code.
Example: 1337


HTTP status code 200

Media type: application/json

  "postalCode": {
    "city": "SANDVIKA",
    "postalcode": "1337",
    "postalCodeType": "NORMAL"

Media type: application/xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
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