Getting started


Bring provides a collection of APIs to facilitate integration with your systems. If you're running a webshop, or any software dealing with shipments from Nordic countries, using Bring APIs can add value to your business and to your customers:

  • Let the customer choose between alternative shipping methods upon checkout with the Shipping Guide API
  • Show your customers the current status of their shipment with the Tracking API
  • Book a shipment through the Booking API
  • Generate and download reports with the Reports API


APIs for Booking, Shipping Guide and Reports, Order Management and Easy Return Service require authentication, while Tracking have extra features when authenticated. Postal Code is a open API.

We currently use custom headers for authenticating:

Header Example Comment
X-MyBring-API-Uid Mybring login ID
X-MyBring-API-Key 1234abc-abcd-1234-5678-abcd1234abcd Your user's API key
X-Bring-Client-URL A URL that sort of identifies where you're using the APIs.

API key, huh? Where do I get that?

To get an API key, you must be registered in Mybring and have an invoice agreement with Bring.

If you're already registered in Mybring, head to the settings and API page to get your API key.


Our APIs support a mix of formats:

API JSON XML SOAP Requires authentication? Extra features when authenticated?
Shipping Guide
Pickup Point
Postal Code
Mailbox Packet
Easy Return Service
Modify Delivery
Event Cast
Order Management