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Getting started with Bring APIs


API key

You need a Mybring user with an API key to integrate with the Bring APIs.

The key is unique to your user and is used in the authentication headers to verify that you are a Mybring user. All our APIs require authentication except for some basic functionality in the Tracking API. This is so that we can offer better support and notify our users about new features and changes.

Get an API key

1. Sign up

If you don’t already have a user, register a new one in Mybring.

2. Generate key

Head to the API page in your user profile and generate the API key.

Authentication headers

HTTP header Example Comment
X-Mybring-API-Uid Mybring login ID
X-Mybring-API-Key 1234abc-abcd-1234-5678-abcd1234abcd Your user’s API key
X-Bring-Client-URL A URL identifying where you’re using the APIs

API customer number

Some APIs require a customer number because they handle or return customer data. This form of authorisation is different from user authentication; one user can have access to multiple customer numbers but also have different rights or accesses from number to number.

If your company has a customer number

You can see the numbers you have access to on the Mybring API page. If the company customer number isn’t listed there, it means your user needs to be connected to it. This can be done through either of the following methods:

  • Go to the Mybring authorisation pages, search for the customer and apply for access.
  • Contact your customer’s admin and get them to connect your user.

If your company doesn’t have a customer number

Contact customer support via your country’s Bring site.

If you need a customer number for testing purposes, it can be found in the API testing documentation.

Status and support

We continuously monitor our APIs with health checks to measure uptime. Real-time and historical status can be found at our status page.

If you have trouble or questions regarding the different APIs, we actively use the comment sections on the respective API docs.


All our APIs are REST APIs supporting JSON and XML. Shipping Guide, Booking, Order Management and Warehousing are also SOAP APIs.

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