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Bring API testing resources

Test customer numbers

All our APIs require user authentication, even for testing, but only some require a customer number. If you’re currently not a Bring customer or your customer number doesn’t hold data to give sufficient test responses, you can use test numbers. These will only return dummy data and not create any actual bookings.

In order to get access to test customer numbers, users in Norway can contact Users in Sweden, Denmark and Finland can contact State which test customer number you want access to, and that you need financial rights as well. Financial rights are required to get pricing information when using Shipping Guide API.

The services covered by each test customer number can be found in the Service portfolio.

Parcel Norway domestic
Customer: PARCELS_NORWAY-00000000005
Use 5 as the customer number in the request. Example: "customerNumber": "5"
Parcel Sweden, Denmark, Finland & Parcel Norway cross-border
Customer: PARCELS_SWEDEN-000006
Use 6 as the customer number in the request. Example: "customerNumber": "6"
Cargo Norway domestic
Customer: CARGO-851028
Use 7 as the customer number in the request. Example: "customerNumber": "7"

Relevant for: Booking API Shipping Guide API

Test indicator

To test transactional APIs using an actual customer number but without creating actual bookings or getting invoiced, you must set the testIndicator flag to true.

Relevant for: Booking API

Phone numbers and email addresses

Make sure the phone numbers and email addresses you use in your testing are dummies. Actual phone numbers and email addresses can still trigger alerts and confirmation emails even when used with test customer numbers or testIndicator. For phone numbers, you can use the numbers below or find one of the many fake number sites online.


Relevant for: Booking API

Tracking numbers

Use these as test tracking numbers to get different responses in the Tracking API or to make WebhookIds in Event Cast API. An authorised request with a tracking number belonging to an actual shipment will return more detailed results.


Relevant for: Event Cast API Tracking API

Postal codes

Whenever postal codes are required, use something valid and test more than the first that comes to mind. You can use the Postal Code API to look up more codes and cities.

0951 Oslo
4050 Sola
5004 Bergen
9600 Hammerfest
Norwegian postal codes
10012 Stockholm
43954 Åsa
68301 Hagfors
83752 Åre
0900 København C
2990 Nivå
5883 Oure
8799 Tunø

Relevant for: Booking API Shipping Guide API

Shipping Guide Demo

It’s possible to test the Shipping Guide API using our Shipping Guide Demo site. It doesn’t require authentication in itself, but some services need a customer number in order to return a response. If you have a Mybring user with a customer number, you can log in to get responses dependent on that.

Checkout tool

Our Checkout tool helps you generate requests for selected Posten and Bring services in e-commerce checkouts. It gives you the opportunity to choose what information you want to present to your customers. Based on your selections, it also presents guides on how to interact with the corresponding responses from Shipping Guide API and Pickup Point API. No authentication is needed to use the Checkout tool.

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