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Environmental data

For the following Norwegian domestic and Nordic parcel services it is now possible to get data on whether fossil free (electric and/or bio) transportation is used during last mile transport leg of shipment:

  • Pakke i postkassen med RFID (3570)
  • Pakke i postkassen (3584)
  • Pakke levert hjem (5600)
  • På døren (PA_DOREN)
  • Pakke til bedrift (5000)
  • Bedriftspakke (BPAKKE_DOR-DOR)
  • Business Parcel (0330)
  • Business Parcel Bulk (0332)
  • Pickup Parcel (0340)
  • Pickup Parcel Bulk (0342)
  • Home Delivery Parcel (0349)
  • Business groupage (5100)
  • Business pallet (5400)
  • Home delivery parcel (5600)
  • Home Delivery Indoor (2870)
  • Home Delivery Curbside (3123)
  • Home Delivery Single Indoor (3150)
  • Express Nordic 09:00 Bulk (0334)

To get the environmental data, use the following new fields: <EnvironmentalData>true</WithEnvironmentalData>

  • POST Request: withEnvironmentalData
 "withEnvironmentalData": true

The data returned contains a list of transport legs (FIRST_MILE, LINE_HAUL and LAST_MILE), and whether the leg is carried out with fossil free transportation. If environmental data is requested for a non-supported service, or no data is currently available (temporary error) a NO_ENVIRONMENTAL_DATA warning is returned.

          <ns2:Description>The parcel is delivered with fossil-free fuel from the local terminal to the chosen delivery address</ns2:Description>
  "environmentalData": [
      "transportLeg": "LAST_MILE",
      "fossilFree": true,
      "description": "The parcel is delivered with fossil-free fuel from the local terminal to the chosen delivery address",
      "details": {
        "electric": 0.6,
        "bio": 0.4

If the transport leg is carried out by electric vehicle, electric will contain the percentage share of electric vehicle usage where 1.0 == 100%. If transport leg is carried out with a mix of bio-diesel and electric vehicles, fossilFree will still be true if percentages sums up to 1.0. electric and bio will contain the usage percentage share of corresponding vehicles.

The API currently only supports environmental data for the LAST_MILE leg.

NOTE: the API returns values based on what is, in a normal situation, expected for the postal code in question. In case of car maintenance or other extraordinaty situations, we can not guarantee a fossil free delivery.

Environmental logo and tag is also included in the GuiInformation for mentioned services when also setting <WithGuiInformation>true</WithGuiInformation> or withGuiInformation: true in the request

  "environmentalLogoUrl": "",
  "environmentalTagUrl": ""