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Shipping Guide API 1.0 will finally be decommissioned on 01.07.2021
3 years ago, Shipping Guide API 2.0 was launched. Since then, schemas belonging to 1.0 have been phased out one by one. The last active schema, 11, will be decomissioned on 01.07.2021. If you haven’t upgraded to Shipping Guide 2.0 yet, we strongly recommend to do that as soon as possible, and latest by 01.07.2021.

API changelog

: Pickup Point API

The Pickup Point API requires authentication for all.

: Shipping Guide API

Extended leadtime information is available for Bedriftspakke (BPAKKE_DOR-DOR) and Pakke til bedrift (5000). Both services will now include the shipment’s estimated arrival time in addition to date.

: Shipping Guide API

For Norwegian parcel services, unique alternative delivery dates can now be requested.

: Booking API, Shipping Guide API

For Pickup Parcel (0340) and Pickup Parcel Bulk (0342) sent to Sweden and Denmark, Flex Delivery (0041) is no longer applicable as an additional service.