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Revised Services

Bring is revising the service portfolio. Some of our services have been given new service names, service codes and pricing models. Read more about the changes

Old services will be phased out. From a given date, you will be converted to services with new service names (revised services) in Booking and Shipping Guide, and you can no longer book old services. The revised services are booked using your company’s main customer number.

Any Shipping Guide requests for old phase 1 services without customer number specified, will return the corresponding revised service after 01.10.2020

This table shows which old services are impacted by the conversion, and which new service name/code they are mapped to:

Old vs Revised Service Mapping

Old Service name Old Service code New Service Name New Service Code Service Group
Servicepakke SERVICEPAKKE Pakke til hentested 5800 Parcels Norway
På Døren PA_DOREN Pakke levert hjem 5600 Parcels Norway
Bedriftspakke BPAKKE_DOR-DOR Pakke til bedrift 5000 Parcels Norway
Bedriftspakke ekspress over natten EKSPRESS09 Ekspress neste dag 4850 Parcels Norway
Servicepakke returservice SERVICEPAKKE_RETURSERVICE Retur fra hentested 9300 Parcels Norway
Bedriftspakke returservice BPAKKE_DOR-DOR_RETURSERVICE Retur pakke fra bedrift 9000 Parcels Norway
Bedriftspakke ekspress over natten returservice EKSPRESS09_RETURSERVICE Returekspress 9600 Parcels Norway
Stykkgods CARGO_GROUPAGE Stykkgods til bedrift 5100 Cargo Norway
Stykk- og partigods* CARGO Stykkgods til bedrift
Partigods til bedrift
5300 Cargo Norway
Stykk- og partigods* CARGO Retur stykkgods fra bedrift 9100 Cargo Norway
* There is a one-to-one mapping between the old and revised services (and thereby their respective booking flows) - except for the old service Groupage and Partload. This service had one common booking flow, but is split into two revised services/booking flows: Business Groupage and Business Partload. A separate booking flow has also been created for the revised service Return business groupage.

Value Added Services

Value Added Services for revised services needs to be requested with revised additional service code

Additional Service Code Additional Service name Applies To
1142 Notification VAS 5000, 5100, 5300
1000 Cash On Delivery (COD) 5800
0041 Simplified delivery 5000, 4850 , 5100, 5300 , 5600
2141 Frost-free 5000, 4850 , 5100, 5300
1133 Proof of identity required 4850 , 5800, 5600
1220 Consignment stopped and returned 5000, 4850 , 5300, 5800, 5600
1082 Social check 5000, 4850 , 5100, 5300 , 5800, 5600
2142 Special goods 5100, 5300
0068 Optional insurance 5000 , 5800, 5600, 9000
1062 Saturday delivery 4850, 9600
2086 Notification by letter 5800
1245 Dangerous goods 5100, 5300