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Booking API vs Shipment API

Similarities and differences

Bring provides two different APIs for creating bookings, the Booking API and the Shipment API. These APIs have similarities, but there are also differences.

In overall you can think of the Shipment API as an API corresponding to EDI. It supports a complete portfolio of services and value added services. You will not get labels created, and it does not use strict input validation. Orders are created much in the same way as with EDI, and you will not get them fully integrated in Mybring.

The Booking API is a part of Mybring, so the API support is closely connected to the booking functionality you find in the web interface. The API supports standard services, as in Mybring, and you have the same set of input validation as on web. Labels will be created, and you will find the API orders in order history; together with the web orders.

Supported features

Booking API Shipment API
Standard services
Non standard services
Validation High Low
Label creation
Price calculation
Full Mybring integration