Testing with Cypress

There are loads of tools aiming to help developers secure that their code works as expected. Cypress is one of these tools but stands out by being an end-to-end framework. This means that Cypress allows you to test that your application is performing the way you designed it, from start to finish. End-to-end testing is especially useful to test the features and the end user’s workflow. In React it also helps to ensure that dependencies and data is passed correctly between the different components.

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Principle for responsive tables

When I set out to solve responsive tables, I figured it would take a whole team a couple of weeks and we would build a microscopic component to provide clever shuffling of <div> elements. Instead, my conclusion led me to the opposite. Responsive tables are less about making them responsive and more about presenting them in responsive environments.

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How to avoid the wall of frustation

Regardless of how enthusiastic you are laying the first bricks of a project, at some point you’ll realise that the stack of bricks, look suspiciously like a wall, or something different than originally pictured. The wall can be many things. It can be slow code reviews or a growing list of tasks and features that prevent deployment. It can also be a bug that seem to only appear when the stars are aligned and you press a button too quickly after filling in a form. The common thing is that it makes you feel like you’re either very far from your goal, or that the thing standing between you and the finish line is insanely boring.

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Experience with Frontend Error Tracking Using Sentry.io In React Apps

It has been more than a year we started using Sentry.io to idenitfy the user experience and UI failures one year ago. I thought of sharing What have we learnt about it so far and our experience with it.

πŸ“„ Intro πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ

  • Why do you need Sentry?
  • Sign In and create a project
  • Integrate Sentry in app
  • First error tracking
  • Use Sentry with API Endpoint
  • When and what to log in Sentry
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Code – the superior design tool

Hybriding interfaces

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Team building - Hiking to Veslesmeden

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Horizontal Teams To Strengthen Vertical Structures

Our frontend team hit the ground running one year ago. What have we learnt about supporting the vertical teams? What do we mean when we say it’s horizontal?

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Zombie CSS, dependency cravings

Cascading zombie

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Mutant developers? No, frontend hybrids!

Frontend team

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Writing messages for unexpected downtime

Roadie in the Rain

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