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Team building - Hiking to Veslesmeden


Some years back a few people in the web department headed off for Galdhøpiggen 🎒🥾, not very well equipped. Weather was bad, and they didn’t manage to reach the summit. But that hike was the beginning of a tradition with yearly trips to different summits. 🏔 This year 18 people headed off with the train 🚝 to Otta, for a nice weekend at Rondvassbu and where the goal was Veslesmeden.

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The Web Team in Numbers

Sometimes it’s fun to take a break and look back at what’s happened in the past and do a little reflection. Or maybe we just think numbers are fun – there’s probably a reason why we like computers! So today we have sat down and looked at the recent past to try to find some interesting numbers. Everyone knows there’s strength in numbers, so here we go!

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