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Sorting area for Same day delivery (2012)

The Same day delivery VAS (2012) allows shipments to be delivered same- or next-day, depending on when the shipment is booked. By default, SG API returns the full service coverage area for Same day delivery. The “sortingAreas” parameter allows the web shop to reduce the delivery area to the area they currently choose to provide the service.“routeInformation” contains information about the sorting area for a specific parcel. Intended use is to aid pre-sorting of same day parcels.

Area Code

Area name Area code
Oslo CS 12 100
Fredrikstad H2 160
Drammen H2 300
Stokke H2 320
Stavanger H2 400
Kristiansand H2 460
Bergen H2 500
Trondheim 700

VAS - 2012

  "id": "2012",
  "leadTimeFromCustomerInMinutes": 30,
  "SortingAreas": ["100","400","500","600"]