APIs, huh?

Are you running an eCommerce site? Or software dealing with shipments from Nordic countries? Then you may want to use Bring APIs.

If you are new to APIs in general, CodeNewbie has a great An Intro to APIs.

Is 1337 a valid postal code in Norway?

With this open API, you can check if a number is a valid postal code — and look up the related geographic area. Use it to build forms where your user enters only a postal code, and the form finds the related city or geographic area automatically.

For Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and some additional supported countries. For other countries, all postal codes will be marked valid — and you can prompt users to enter the city name themselves.

Postal Code API

Where’s my stuff? Is it here yet, is it here yet?

We all know what it’s like waiting for a package to arrive. This open API is here to help you show the current status of a shipment. Use it to implement tracking on your site or in emails, so that your users can see where their stuff is, and when they can expect a delivery. Additional features for Mybring customer with authentication.

Tracking API

Express delivery tomorrow? Or can you wait longer?

Bring has lots of different services for shipping stuff. This API looks up price and service area, with estimated delivery times. Use it to build forms with shipping options, so that your users can choose their preferred delivery method on checkout.

Shipping Guide API

Can we programatically book shipments?

Yes. Yes, you can. It’s pretty neat. You need to be a Mybring customer registered for invoice payment. When that is in place, you can integrate services from Bring with your systems. Book shipments, get labels, send packages on their way. \o/

Booking API