Easy Return Service API


The API lets you create labels for parcels returning to cross-border e-retailers.


The Easy Return Service API requires authentication for all its endpoints. See the getting started guide on authentication if you’re not sure what this means.

Header Example Comment
X-MyBring-API-Uid john.doe@example.com Mybring login ID
X-MyBring-API-Key 1234abc-abcd-1234-5678-abcd1234abcd Mybring login’s API key
X-Bring-Client-URL https://example.com/ A URL that sort of identifies where you’re using the APIs.

Those headers must be set for all endpoints documented below.

Overview of endpoints

Base URL

Method Endpoint Usage
POST /label Create new label
GET /label List previously created labels
GET /label/{id} Get label by ID

Create or list labels



Request params

Query params Type Description
CustomerId string

Required. Customer Number which Bring has provided. It cannot be demo customer number.

Example: 10000000000
OrderDate date

Required. The date on which order is booked.

Example: 22.01.2014 11:36:22
Sender string

Required. Details of sender. Must have Name, Street, City, CountryCode.

Recipient string

Required. Details of recipient. Must have Name, Street, City, CountryCode.

PackageId string

Required. Must be a valid parcels package ID.

Example: AB123456789NO
ShipmentId integer

Required. Must be numeric 17 characters (valid Posten / Bring shipment ID)

Example: 70508608105602299
CustomerReference string

Optional. Any string a customer can use as reference.

Example: 123
ProductCode integer

Required. It is always 0341.

Example: 225
Weight integer

Required. Weight of the package.Must be between 0.1 - 20 KG.

Example: 10

Request body

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <OrderDate>22.01.2014 11:36:22</OrderDate>
    <Name>Test sender</Name>
    <Street>HamburgStrasse 28</Street>
    <Name>Test recipient</Name>
    <Street>Nøstegaten 28</Street>



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <Url type="application/pdf" url="http://api.bring.com/documents/ipc/ers/label/ac1a538b-c9ac-4192-b6af-b3d387d173a0"/>

Create or list labels



Look up a specific label



Request params

URI parameter Type Description
id string

Required. Id of the label to retrieve.