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Checkout guide Norway

To provide your customers with the best possible shopping experience in your e-commerce store, we recommend displaying relevant delivery information at checkout. Based on user research and testing, we have developed a best practice for presenting the most common B2C delivery methods in a webshop checkout. Our recommended e-commerce delivery services are:

By offering these delivery options with additional services, your customers are able to select the delivery method best suited their needs. The best practice examples can be populated by using the Shipping Guide and Pickup Point APIs.

Display basic information

Elements for displaying basic information
Package to mailbox, but all delivery options should have the same basic information

Technical documentation

See request example in Shipping Guide 2.0 for services, prices and estimated delivery information

1 Postal code

To get a more precise estimated time of arrival and relevant pickup locations, customers need to enter postal code. If you use our API, you will get validation and city for the field.

2 Street address

Some postal areas are split into multiple delivery zones, which impacts the delivery estimates. For the services Home Delivery and Optional Pickup Point to work properly, customers must enter their street address. The delivery options should have an overlay prompting the users to enter postal code and street address. This will be removed when both are provided.

3 Radio button with Delivery option title

We suggest these titles:

  • "I Postkassen" (To mailbox).
  • "Levert hjem" (Delivered home)
  • "Til hentested/pakkeboks" (To pickup point / package box)

4 Price

We recommend offering a fixed shipping price on all delivery options in your store. Subsidized or free freight is one of the most powerful tools for increasing conversion. Subsidize all shipping methods equally so that the customers can pick the shipping method that best fits their needs, without price incentives outweighing a particular shipping method.

5 Tracking (sporing)

Customers prefer to track their package. Mark the all delivery options that have tracking with a tracking label.

6 Description text

A short line providing more information about the delivery method. Each delivery method has its own recommended text depending on the additional services you offer. The illustration shows an example of when all additional services are offered.

See each service to get more details.

Pakke i postkassen
Pakke til hentested
Pakke levert hjem

7 Logo

Customers prefer to know what transporter the webshop uses. Use the Posten logo for B2C shops and Bring logo for B2B shops.

8 Estimated time of arrival

Let your customers know when their package will arrive, and you are relieving them of one of the biggest pains of online shopping. Therefore, it is best practice to always show an estimate for when the customer can expect their package. How it should be displayed depends on if the address is known, the delivery option and the additional services you offer. See each service to get more details.

Tips for implementing ETA

Pakke i postkassen
Pakke til hentested
Pakke levert hjem