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Best practice checkout

You can create the best practice checkout with only seven components

Postal code and address

1. Postal code and address

By making your customers write both postal code and address, customers will get the relevant delivery options and pickup points. They will also get the correct estimated time of arrival on some services.

Delivery address input fields
Service title and description

2. Service title and description text

Use the correct service title and description text to make sure your customers know what the delivery options implies.

Choose service by service name
Pickup point

3. Pickup points

By offering 7-10 alternatives, your customers will be able to choose the most convenient pickup point. Give the option to choose lockers, as this might be their preferred pickup point. Add a map to make it easier to find the pickup points.

Choose pickup points
Estimated time of delivery

4. Estimated time of delivery

Let your customers know the estimated time of delivery. The more precise, the better it is.

For a better understanding on how to get the most accurate delivery estimates, it's recommended to read this guide.

Service with estimated time of delivery
Flexible delivery

5. Flexible delivery

Make the delivery more flexible by adding different value added services. For example:

  1. Leaving the parcel in a bag on the door in case the parcel is too large for the mail box
  2. Alternative delivery dates for home delivery. Let the customer choose the preferred date
Choose value added services
Car with Bring logo
Car with Posten logo

6. Logo

Use the Posten logo for B2C services, and the Bring logo for B2B services.

Service with Posten logo
Service with Bring logo
Environmental friendly logo

7. Environmental data and icon

Include environmental information in the delivery option to help your customers make environmentally friendly choises.

Add our environment information web component anywhere in the checkout to explain what environmental friendly freight is.

Service with environmental friendly logo