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DNS change for

Bring's applications and infrastructure are going through bigger changes, as part of modernizing our infrastructure. One of these changes, is update of our load balancing component, and that will affect services running on This page explains this upcoming change, the time schedule and how you as a customer can adapt it.

Upcoming change

At 4th of April 2022 we will switch DNS for to point to a new load balancer component. This change will have the following effects:

  • Change of IP address
  • Change of certificate
  • Remove support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1

This is a big change, but most of our API customers won't be affected. Updated and modern clients will not be affected. But we know there are older clients in use, and these will need an update to work with the new load balancer. Clients running on Java 6 and Java 7 are some of the unsupported clients.

Check the certificate details for the new certificate.

Already tested once

We have already done the change once, to get a feeling how such a change would affect our customers. At Wednesday 13th of October (first half of the day), we did the DNS switch temporary, while monitoring our API usage across our services. We did not experience bigger changes in requests/responses, that proved that most customers will not be affected of the upcoming change.

We have also done the similar switch for This change was done without informing customers, since we didn't expect many problems. Browsers today will not have problems with change of certificate and removal of outdated TLS versions.

Test and switch without downtime

We want to make this change in a way that won't cause downtime for our customers. We will do a step-by-step approach, so customers can switch at their end without doing it at the same time as we do our changes.

We have created a new, temporary domain, that you can start using today. This domain points to the future load balancer, and it uses the same backend services in production. That means you can verify and switch to this temporary domain when all looks good. After we have done our switch of, you can switch back to the regular url. This should just be a simple change of url, since it will point to the same IP at this time.

With the approach above, we can do our changes independent of each other. This will ensure no sudden problems at your end when we do our DNS change. It is also possible that you just verify against, but continue to use if you experience no problems. With this approach, you will only need to verify once and not remember to switch back from the temporary domain.

Time schedule

  • December 2021: DNS is available for customers to use.
  • January-March: Customers switch towards
  • 4th of April: Bring changes DNS for
  • April–June: Customers switch back towards
  • 4th of July: Bring removes the temporary DNS

Questions or feedback?

If you have questions, please send them to (Norway) or (outside Norway).