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Pakke i postkassenMailbox parcel

Service codes

Service nameWhen to useService group Size limit Service code API ID Value added services
Code Description
Pakke i postkassenMailbox parcel If you do not have an RFID printer Parcels Norway 5 kg
45 cm long
L+W+H: 90 cm
3584 3584 1081 Pose på dørSimplified delivery
Pakke i postkassen med RFID*Mailbox parcel with RFID If you have an RFID printer Parcels Norway 5 kg
45 cm long
L+W+H: 90 cm
3570 3570 1081 Pose på dørSimplified delivery

* Tracking with RFID adds additional scanning points for tracking (require RFID printer)

Pakke i postkassen in checkout

All elements for Mailbox parcel

1 Delivery option Pakke i Postkassen

Pakke i postkassen is the recommended default shipping option for small, lower value shipments, as it is the preferred delivery method for recipients for these kind of items.

Mailbox Parcel is slower than Pickup Parcel and Home Delivery. It is uninsured and does not support ID control, age / social control, cooling or other additional services. For deliveries requiring such services, use Home Delivery or Pickup Parcel.

Norwegian text in checkout English text in checkout
Delivery option label [displayName] ex: I postkassen To mailbox

2 Estimated delivery

Estimated delivery depends on your lead time. You have two options depending on your shipping routines.

Norwegian text in checkout English text in checkout
Text If internal lead time is firm Leveres på [expectedDeliveryDate] To mailbox
Text If internal lead time is variable Leveres om [min. internal lead time + workingDays] - [max. internal lead time + workingDays] dager Delivered in [min. internal lead time + workingDays] - [max. internal leadtime + workingDays] days

3 Description text

A short line providing more information about the delivery method.

Norwegian text in checkout English text in checkout
Description text [descriptionText] ex: Du får beskjed når pakken er levert You will get notified when the parcel is delivered

4 Pose på dør

As mailboxes vary in sizes, the maximum size of Mailbox Parcel will not fit in every mailbox. To accommodate this, it is recommended to provide an option in checkout for the additional service Delivery to doorstep, as a fallback solution.

If the user ticks off and then agrees to terms, the mail carrier can leave packages that do not fit in the mailbox in a bag at the door, instead of sending it to the nearest pickup point. When the mail carrier activates bag on door, an additional charge will be added to the delivery. However, this is still cheaper and faster than re-routing to the pickup point.

Delivery to doorstep should also include a textarea to provide an apartment number or description helping the mail carrier make sure the package is left in a bag at the correct door.

Add the property unit number on the label

Adding the property unit number to the label will help ensure that the package will be delivered as a bag on door. We recommend adding this information to the label, either in the second address line, or in the additional information section (additionalAdressInfo).

Norwegian text in checkout English text in checkout
Checkbox label Sett pakken ved døren min om det ikke er plass i postkassen Leave parcel by the door if the mailbox is too small
Checkbox help text Når du velger å få pakken satt igjen … … kan det ikke være mer enn 250 m fra postkasse til dør. Husnummer må komme tydelig frem, og døren må være merket med navn. Dersom du bor i leilighet, legg inn informasjon om ditt bruksenhetsnummer/etasjenummer. Om Posten ikke har tilgang til døren, blir pakken levert til ditt nærmeste hentested. If you want to have the parcel left by the door … … it cannot be more than 250 m from mailbox to door. A house number and name sign must be visible. If you live in an apartment, include the apartment number/floor. If Posten does not have access to the door, the parcel will be delivered to nearest pickup point.
Text input label Bruksenhetsnummer eller etasje (hvis du bor i leilighet) Apartment or floor
Text input placeholder eks. H0301 example: H0301
Text input help text Bruksenhetsnummer … … sier hvilken leilighet i bygningen du bor i. Bokstaven forteller om du bor i U (Underetasje), K (Kjeller), H (Hovedetasje) eller L (Loft). De første to sifrene er etasje, eks: 03, de neste to sifrene forteller hvilket nummer leiligheten din har i denne etasjen. H0301 betyr eksempelvis at boligen ligger i tredje etasje (03), første dør fra venstre (01). Eneboliger med kun én boligenhet har alltid bruksenhetsnummer H0101. Property unit number … … the unit number indicates which flat in the building you live in. The letter indicates if you live on U (the lower floor), K (basement), H (main floor) or L (top floor). Combined with the letter, the first two numbers indicate which floor you live on. The subsequent two numbers indicate your flat number on this floor. For example, H0301 means that the property is on the third floor (03), first door to the left (01). Detached houses with only one residential unit always have unit number H0101.